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02-Oct-2017 22:50

And when things get ugly they know they have each other to depend on. Each character has two chapters, one with a female reader and one with a male reader. It's also a story about how Anti needs Jack, but has a really terrible way of showing it. Oh, and it's also about how Dark is The Fucking Worst.


However, this is merely a little bit of a nod to them. Of course they have to manage with their daily lives and the many people who try to get in between. “Jack, believe me when I say, I know your various catch-phrases but maybe you need to sleep, buddy,” Jack can see and hear the smile.

But things have a funny way of working out when you want them so bad. Mark is still watching him, quietly, with a small smile on his lips. This is a little story about how Jack likes Mark, and Mark likes Jack.

So this fic might be very similar to that one, no plagarism.

I really respect that author and if they wish ne to change or alter my story, I will. So when Pharah and Mercy have an "itch" they wish to "scratch" each others backs.

The raiding teams seized 106 units of electronic devices, including mobile phones, computer laptops, data storage devices and a camera.

He said one of the women had admitted earning as much as P100,000, which she used to buy a house and a used car.

The gang threatens victims with public humiliation through the uploading of their lewd videos to the Internet. Joana Fabro said one of the rescued minors was a young boy who earned P70,000 in his first three days at work with the gang.

Goddamn, Frank and Matt just cannot catch a break, can they? Hux manipulates them both, but Ren finds a way around Hux’s stupid forfeit. In other words: Armitage is a dick with no idea how to treat people, Kylo thinks he’s smart, and Doph discovers that his imagination is better than he ever suspected.

This was inspired by the shit tonne of xreader fics I read and the absolute best one I read is a don/reader called "Unexpected Chat".

The money was deposited to a money transfer facility owned by Regalachuela’s daughter.

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