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To help me pay for my domain, hosting, and enormous grocery bill, this blog is supported through the use of affiliate links.This means that I will earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. I am a more able, confident, and ambitious girl with big dreams and I want to share that with everyone around the world.Read More Girls Who Code gave me the kind of education you can’t find in a classroom.So we stopped off at the Monterey Market, Country Cheese Coffee Market for ‘shrooms, cheese, and more than a week’s worth of other produce we somehow planned to eat over the course of the day. Then a last-minute visit to 99 Ranch for red bean paste, where despite intentionally leaving her wallet in the car to show restraint, Phi still managed to grab a few more ingredients to spice up the lunchtime pad see ew feast she threw together.The three of us spent the next 11 hours in the kitchen with the hum of the grain mill in the background, bonding over a common interest in food, rare ingredients, photography, light, and our ginger cat band debut, while we covered surface in my kitchen with a thin film of homemade flour.It’s malleable and holds together beautifully as it stretches into smooth sheets of fresh pasta.

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But first, a trip to the Berkeley Bowl to load up on anything we could possibly imagine sending through the grain mill – chickpeas, red lentils, black wild rice, mung beans, brown sweet rice, buckwheat, and pumpkin seeds.When I realized that I could use code to make something I use every day, it made me braver.Read More Before Girls Who Code, I never saw myself as a coder or an engineer.This gluten-free chickpea pasta holds the same quality as traditional homemade pasta with a strong hearty flour as its base.

Unlike many gluten-free pastas that rely heavily on starches, the chickpea pasta offers a notable but not overpowering element worthy of mention in its own.Eat it tossed with browned butter and parmesan cheese if you like, but I urge you to head over to The Bojon Gourmet to get the recipe for this simple and elegant fresh chickpea pappardelle with buttered chanterelles, thyme, and wine. To stay up on what’s coming out of my kitchen, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin’, or Pinterest, or subscribe via e-mail to get new recipes right to your inbox.*Approximately 1¾ cups dried chickpeas will grind into 300g of sifted chickpea flour.