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23-Apr-2018 11:36

Sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi have carved out a name for themselves with their pop culture parodies of Season 2 drops, Hilly and Hannah play childhood pals Mike Wheeler and Eleven, respectively.

The video is set to the tune of Rick James's '80s hit "Super Freak," but the sisters changed the lyrics to fit in with the world of the Upside Down.

The girls decided to continue on with “The Hillywood Show,” and 15 webisodes and several film parodies later, the show is an online hit.

About a year and a half ago, their Twilight parody was released; and the show’s ratings skyrocketed.

It’s just so crazy how fast everything has happened.” The highly anticipated Eclipse parody will be released in November.

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This is made abundantly clear in The Hillywood Show's newest parody on You Tube featuring the mysterious girl and her rag-tag team of boys.

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Hannah (Alice Cullen in the parodies) and Hilly (Bella Swan) are the official hosts of the Twilight Conventions.

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With Jacob Jost (Edward Cullen), Drew Lorentz (Jasper Hale), Shuan Flynn (Emmett Cullen), Brittany Turner (Rosalie Hale) and Joseph Lewellyn (Jacob Black), they tour the country in costumes and makeup so precise that it’s hard to believe it’s all done by a couple people.“It was movie characters interacting with each other; but after we started branching out and started focusing on one main theme, we think our show is almost the Glee of movie characters.” Captain Jack Sparrow is a star character of the show, as are a few other Johnny Depp characters.

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