Invalidating car warranty

27-May-2018 09:07

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Most manufacturers can require services to completed at select repair facilities.Once you take a vehicle into a dealership or authorized service center for repairs, a claim will be filed with the manufacturer.

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We have found that some customers are still unaware that, since June 2010, European competition rules which cover agreements between vehicle manufacturers and their authorised dealers, repairers and spare parts distributors, have confirmed important rights which help the motorist.The Right to Choose Campaign (Right2Choose or R2C) is an initiative by UK independent parts suppliers, parts distributors and repairers which aims to create greater public awareness of motorists’ rights when servicing and repairing their vehicles, and to create greater trade awareness of those rights, and the consequent responsibilities and opportunities.One of the leading sponsor organisations of the Right 2 Choose campaign is the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) Their aim is to create greater public awareness of the law and motorists’ rights to choose where to have their vehicles serviced without being penalised.If I take the car to an independent garage for its servicing, would this have any effect on the validity of the dealer portion of the warranty? Keep up the good work – your columns always make essential weekly reading. But it must be serviced to the manufacturer stipulated schedule, using the specified fluids and parts.

An independent garage cannot, for example, use its bulk oil and an aftermarket oil filter if these differ from the manufacturer specification.This will determine if the requested repairs are covered under the warranty, or if the owner is responsible for payment because of a voided warranty contract.