Percy jackson and annabeth chase dating

26-May-2018 21:09

Annabeth was required to stand on the sidelines and be the very picture of prim and proper.Having gone and graduated from Harvard, Annabeth knew how to swoon people but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

“You shouldn’t be so upset that I bought the dress for you.” Percy said as a greeting. She placed a few calls to her assistant and then to her mother before finalizing her mother’s appearances for the rest of the week. Annabeth shut her computer and started the process of getting dressed.

They had the act perfected and by this point everyone in New York assumed they really were together because of all of the news pieces about her family included him. The saleswoman brought the black evening gown back to her bagged up and ready to go.

“I don’t like this color.” Annabeth told the saleswoman, “but I love the material.” The saleswoman nodded, “We also have this in black, Ms. Annabeth held out her credit card but the saleswoman shook her head, “It’s already been taken care of by Mr.

Forty five minutes later she was putting the finishing touches on her makeup and spraying her loose wavy curls with hair spray.

The doorbell rang and Annabeth walked hurriedly to get it, Percy was always fifteen minutes early.Always keeping a close eye on Annabeth and who was in close approximation to her.