Rss feeds not updating in mac mail

13-Jan-2018 18:19

rss feeds not updating in mac mail-61

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With this new implementation Apple has made subscribing to an RSS feed doable in two ways: With your site added, the RSS feed updates will show in the Shared Links section of the sidebar next to all other subscriptions you have in your associated social media accounts.Now when you click on a one of the RSS feed stories, Safari will load this in the current browser window.If you have further questions about how to use our RSS Feeds, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Again, if you already use a software app to read your emails on a desktop, notebook, or handheld device, it is very convenient and easy to add RSS Feeds within that application to keep things simple and consolidated, but no one method works for everybody.

This directly relates to events not displaying correctly/succinctly in the Google Calendar interface and unfortunately we have no control over this behavior.

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