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"I first went to a ladies doctor when I was pregnant with my first child eight years ago.

otherwise there's no need to go," she says, "I don't know about condoms or pills, shills.

(Soon after a debate on contraception went viral on twitter, a group of users created a crowdsourced list of non-judgemental gynaecologists that span over 20 cities, and are planning to translate it into multiple languages here.

) Ironically, in a nation obsessed with family planning, getting contraception is an enormous task for the not-married. "But she gets weird looks from the shopkeepers so she prefers that I do it." "Most of our friends are sexually active and use contraception, some tend to use the pill but most prefer to use condoms." Worse, given the problems in procuring prescription pills, emergency contraceptive pills have become the default form of contraception because they are widely available and can be bought over the counter from pharmacies, doctor's clinics, pharmacies and hospitals. The National Family Health Survey for 2010-11 states that over 83 million women use emergency contraceptives as opposed to 16 million users of male condoms.

They talk openly about sex, they really aren't embarrassed of asking us things so we must also understand that India is changing." "We can also tell if the patient is a virgin or not once we examine them," she notes.

"We know if a patient asks us about the pap smear that there might be an inkling that they are sexually active, so then I enquire about their sexual history." Patients who are not sexually active do not undergo the pap smear, which can be very intrusive.

She assumed based on my marital status that I was a virgin." "I am not, and it took a lot of courage to speak up and tell her to give me a pap smear, knowing the whole while that she was judging my morals and my character," she recalls. Samira's unsolicited bit of information was met with stony silence and she had to push her gynecologist to tell her about contraceptive measures and details of a pap-smear. "Girls these days are very bold," says Dr Yamini Mehta of Apollo Clinic.

"And when I said I wasn't married, I got a lecture on how to have one partner."Is there no such thing as doctor-patient privilege?I had to confess to my mother that I was sexually active and though she was eventually okay with it, how dare the doctor release private information about my life? She could have ruined my family relations forever," she says.amira, a 22-year-old girl from a middle class family living in Mumbai goes to her first visit to the gynecologist.

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Her doctor's first question is "Are you married or unmarried?

Suraj, 19, and his girlfriend Varuni, 18, have a sexually active relationship, and they share the responsibilities of procuring contraception. Others get their prescriptions by other means."I used the contraceptive pills my dermatologist gave me two years ago to control my acne," says Arunima, 21.

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