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26-Feb-2018 18:55

Because of the nature of such problems, it is important to provide feedback when you solve your problem by replying back to the thread so that others can be helped and so that pages such as this can show relevant information.

Please also include your version of Excel and Operating system if you did not originally provide that information.

Save As a normal *file to eliminate the feature from your file.

A bad HP print driver install caused intermitent print problems and following an uninstall that had mapped but not removed a z: drive.

Screen Updating = False 'Step 3: Start the looping through sheets For Each ws In This Workbook.

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[journaling], [speech], [ext], [insert], [lastcell], [addins], [slowmacros], [speedup VBA], [recalculation], [openclose], [calc], [1-2-3], [memory], [leakage], [GDI], [objects], [pagesetup], [swapfiles], [VBE], [files], [elimxused], [defrag], [formats], [likeformats], [volatile], [checklist], [slowxp], [moreitems], [grayed], [temp], [timer], [reg], [related], [startup], [warnings], [search], [mskb], [slow], [updatesites], You are probably visiting this page because you were referred to it by someone in a newsgroup.Afterwards I went to Favorites, then organize, and used the Arrow DN key to check each exposed folder and single files.Too much work to go into each folder, but I did find a lot more than I thought I had.The non existant z: drive left behind interferred with Save As process in ANY Office Application (like in Excel 2003) reported by Huvants Tuneau in email 2005-04-06.

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The program stops responding when you try to open the "Save In" list in Office 20, and you attempt to open the Save In list in the Save As dialog box, the program appears to stop responding (hangs) for a long time.

Auto Recovery is improved but you have to respond when Excel is going down, and decide which file (old or recovered) to use later but no peeking.

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