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11-Aug-2017 22:48

Significant differences in the life outcomes of British ethnic minority and white people revealed in the Government’s racial disparity audit have prompted Theresa May to urge institutions to help ensure race is never a barrier.A considerably higher unemployment rate among black, Asian and minority ethnic people than white British adults and lower home ownership among Bangladeshis and black people are among the findings to come out of the report.The only thing that makes my discomfort manageable is Mylanta and Zantac.Are my symptoms and family history indicative of gallbladder problems?

The Prime Minister should be applauded for laying out this information for all to see and we now need to use to the data to set the foundations for real change.The time for talking is now over, we must now move to debating solutions.” Simon Woolley, director of Operation Black Vote, said: “Yes, some findings make uncomfortable reading, but unless these things are laid bare we can't begin to resolve them.