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We need strength in depth, we went through 36 players last year and this game gave us a chance to look at some of the options we have for every position.Some of those did very well.” An Ireland Under-20 team will play a Munster Development XV in Musgrave Park on Monday, December 28th.The team original team made it onto BET, toured in Tokyo, and was filming a reality show before disbanding in 2009.The team would later be continued with a new cast of riders, who would help promote Pharrell’s clothing line and his passion for street culture.Tofer Chin had made the shirts, and now me and him are friends and talk about having kids. If you look at what skate shoes are now, that’s what that shoe was back then. You could feel your board well, and the leather was good. When we got the first samples, in my gut I was like, “Fuck.” You had to look past certain things for the greater good. Philly has a rich music history, so I’ve been a student of it. Me and Stevie were talking shit back and forth to each other about wanting to do a Ice Cream vs DGK game of skate. But I don’t think it was more serious that people wanting to be “the man.” I thought it was cool. We were working on another video and a show with MTV 2.I mean, Terry could skate his ass off in them, but I couldn’t. I talked to him about certain things of music, and he didn’t think I’d be up on that. I was still in college, so he was very supportive of that. I didn’t think it was much different than what we were trying to accomplish. Pharrell’s management did everything they could for us.We spoke with Gorecki about what it was like to be on Ice Cream, have a relationship with Pharrell, and, of course, hear untold stories from back in the day.I had a close friend, Nino Scalia, who had been the brand manager at Zoo York and had worked with Pharrell.

Outhalf Jimmy O’Brien’s running, handling and decision-making gave time and space to those outside him; something the three quarter line used intelligently for the most part.

Pharrell had done a really short run of ads [for the brand].

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